Sunday, March 13, 2011

The History of Pondok Lanai@Madrasah Misbah Al Falah

This school was founded by Tuan Guru Haji Omar Zuhdi b Salleh in the year of 1958/1378H and it was registered to The Department of Islam in the state of Kedah with the registration number of 10/64 on the date of 15 April 1964/7.8.1378H.

This school is located on a land with the width of 371 712 square feet,at a place which once was a remote place with the name of  Kampung(village) Banggol Berangan,Parit Panjang,Baling,Kedah Darul Aman,Malaysia.

It started with a school's building build by Tuan Guru with the village residents,it is eventually expanding and keeps going till today.

The principal's house Ustaz Mad Mohkhtar

The place to dwell in for the male students

This Madrasah(school) in history

Year 1958: Misbah Al Falah,Kampung Banggol Berang was founded and began to open.

Year 1961: The school system began to open for males only.Among the kitab(books) which were used in that time are:

1.Matan Jurumiah     5.Syuzu
  2.Kafrawi                6.Mughni
         3.Azhari                  7.Fathul Qorib

Year 1987: the school system began to open for female students and these were the first female students in this year:

1.Hajjah Khadijah bt.Hj.Omar Zuhdi
2.Fatimah bt. Shaari
3.Siti Bunga

The instructors:  1.Ustaz Mad Sidam
                         2.Ustaz Abd Wahab b Md Hassan
                         3.Ustaz Ramli b.Ismail
                         4.Ustaz Abdullah b.Hj. Hamzah
                         5.Ustazah Rodhiah

School for males was build on the old site.
The school for females is located at the house site of Ustazah Zabedah.
These were the years as the new school(school for females) started to build

Year 1969-1970:The constructions of the new school for female student.

Year 1980         :Thadiri class was replaced with 'Edadi class(preparation class before you get yourself into                
                          class 1)
                          Class 6 was banished and it was replaced with Class Edadi till Class 5.
Year 1983         :The launch of the addition building for females school was launched by Tuan Guru Hj. Abd  
                          Hadi b. Awang

Year 1995        :The constructions of  the new three storey building for females' school .

Year 1996       :Starting of extension Class 6

The name list of the former Mudirs(principals) 

1.Tuan Guru Haji Omar Zuhdi b. Salleh
2.Ustaz Abdullah b Hj Hamzah
3.Ustaz Haji Abu Bakar b Ibrahim

The name list of the former secretaries

1.Ustaz Ahmad b Haji Hamzah
2.Ustaz Haron b Md Isa
3.Ustaz Nawi b Haji Salleh
4.Ustaz Kadir b Kassim
5.Ustaz Abu Bakar b Ibrahim
6.Ustaz Hashim b Ariffin

:) These infos,I got them from Pondok Lanai's school magazine year 1996.I found it in the pile of books in the library(at the time the library was in mess and now the library is successfully re-open for female students after me and my friends made declutteration.Do visit our school ^^ )