Thursday, March 10, 2011

My intention to make a web about Pondok Lanai

Assalamualaikum w.b.t(peace be upon you)

Just call me Ili.I just enrolled myself as a student in Pondok Lanai that also known as Madrasah Misbah Al Falah ^^ in the year of 2011,1 Januari dan directly being put in class form 1.Yes,I should be in class 'edadi(preparation class) before I am allow to be in Class Form 1.This is because I have some knowledge of basics of Arabic and some tajwid. I said to Ustaz Mat(the principal of Misbah Al Falah),I told him I will promote Pondok Lanai.I am schooling in Pondok Lanai(female's school(for your information Pondok Lanai has a school for males too.No matter how old you are,you are allow to study in this school.We have an old lady in the age of 52 years old wearing school's uniform and learn in class 'edadi like every day).

I was touched.Ustaz Mat has giving out RM5 000 to speed up the toilet's project for female's hostel few days ago.^^ and I want to say I am sorry to hear that Ustaz Mat is now not in a good health.He has heart disease.May Allah makes this good man recover from his sickness.Amin

In this web.I will type and tell to all this blog readers about Pondok Lanai from the perspective of a person who know not a lot and not good in religious mind..that person is me,Miss Ili.Since before, I just love to bring out the best of anything.Now it's me and Pondok Lanai.I will tell you about what did I find here,what did I get,the fun of studying here,the books,the activities and so on.
I hope you will keep in view.This website will be updated everytime I come back home.

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