Thursday, March 10, 2011

What is Pondok Lanai?

(some of the pondoks to dwell in by the students in Pondok Lanai)

phone number of Mr Principal(ustaz md mokhtar):0195605675 ustzah sofiah hussien(females guardian):0194242057 ustazah aisyah salleh:0134330636

Well,let's see.For a start let's understand what is the term of "Pondok".For the kids in Malaysia,pondok is the place to "main masak-masak"(play yourself as a cook.A child's play.In western,you have your tree house.We have pondok.Pondok is a hut)"Jom main masak-masak"(let's play cooking)Ahah,that means they want to play/pretend cooking(child's play)But learning/studying in Pondok.No matter you are big or small,old or young,poor or rich,clever or not,you can still learn in Pondok.

Studying in Pondok means learning religious mind or studies in a particular place that gathers people.It has a mosque or mushalla around it and it has many small pondoks(huts) dwell by the students.

Back to the topic.Pondok Lanai.Yes,In Malaysia.There are many "pondok".Espeacially in the state of Kedah.There are some pondok for the veterans and only men can study there.& there are also pondok that male and female study together.What about Pondok Lanai?

Pondok Lanai@Madrasah Misbah Al Falah

Who can learn in Pondok Lanai?

Everybody can learn here,I think.You can just walk in with your pictures and your identity card and sign up.The Principal of Pondok Lanai named Ustaz Mad Mokhtar said as long as that person is eager to learn.He or she is allow to study here.This pondok/school  has school for males only and females only.They don't mix the males and females.

There are two way of learning in Pondok Lanai

Number 1: You just need to go to the mosque of pondok Lanai after subuh(dawn),after maghrib(twilight), and after Isyak(before midnight) for listening some teachers read and guide the books of religious mind.Normally,the veterans would choose learning method number 1.

Number 2:Wearing school's uniform with school's shoes and entering classes(morning and evening),learning 15 subjects(that include math,khat(arabic's art font) all in Arabic(the teachers will help you to translate it) except Tajwid book is in Malay)You have to obey school's rule.We have school's prefect and teachers to punish us if we done wrong,the learning method number one is included.Last class ends at normally at11.30pm

I choose!!!!!!!!!

learning method number two.Ok we have a 52 year old lady that study with us.She is in class 'edadi(preparation class).She comes to school wearing school's uniform.I respect her all the way.She has courage to show!

We have female students who come from another country.From Thailand.And a couple of students originated from Indonesia.

That's all for this post.I will tell you more about female's pondok lanai.We have library.It just reopen after 4years it was shut.I'll tell about it later.Ok see you next time

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