Friday, April 29, 2011


First of,what kind of student do you want to be? hmm

What are the selections?

We actually have two kinds of studying.

One is you sign up your name at the office,pay no more than RM200,you will get a small house(like a shack) to live in will you are study here.You only learn the religious studies in the mosque.You will need to buy religious books from Ustaz Baha and Ustaz Sofi.They are old religious books.Some were the translations of Imam Ghazali's books.You can learn reciting quran from the teachers around here.You will learn reciting quran at their own house.Most students  who choose this kind of studying are the students with the age of 30 and above.If you are under that age,make sure you make a letter like this..look below

I am allowed to study only in the mosque

I with the name of (your name and your identity card number) is free to only study in mosque only permitted by my parents and Mr Principal Mad Mokhtar b Haji Omar Zuhdi.

Mr Principal's signature and your parents signature.

Why you need to do this?Haa It is important..Believe me.You will know why.Just do it.


Our second option is..

Without consider what age you're at,you can join in the class in the school(there are school for male and female).It is a religious school that teaches you Arabic learning language,hadith,feqah,tauhid,akhlaq,Arabic poems,chanting in Arabic(burdah) and math in Arabic.We've been given homework and practices.They have pre-class to class year 5.They will let you study here with whatever study level you are,ignore your age.What we need is your willingness to learn.You will also learn at mosque using the old religious books.Some of them the books of translation of Imam Al Ghazali's books..Learn using 40hadith and a book about anti-christ(dajal) which is translated by our late founder Tuan Guru Omar Zuhdi.

We have some cool activities.We once have explorace,treasure hunt and some games in our functions.

We have schools prefects and teacher to train us to obey school's and religion's rules.Yes,we do get punish if we break the rules that trains us to be good.

Choosing second options,hmm if you made it to class 5,that would be great.Because most of the students of class year 5 are well taught in Arabic.You can translate malay to Arabic better than your are in pre-class.The first time you got in,you might be in a total shock because 98% of the books were written in Arabic.But,they were all not thick books.I give you two weeks,InsyaAllah you can get along well with the studies.That is because the teachers will help you to translate.So,don't worry.Just put up in your mind,you will understand all the Arabic verses soon.InsyaAllah.


I will give you some tips if you choose second options or the first option to be continued...

school's building at female school