Saturday, April 30, 2011

Part 3(Tips as you are or before you are the student)

Just take a notice to the seniors.How did they deal with everything?BODY!MIND! AND SOUL!They must be a real survivor.Yeah,I respect them all.They manage to walk still till class year 5.

So,try to make friends with them.You can get along well with the students of Edadi,year1,year 2 and three.But you are hardly pass for class year 4 and five.WHY?Because they want you to respect them.They are real seniors.So,get matured and being nice to them like saying this to them "er,if i am wrong with dresscode or anything.Please tell me ya" they love you when you said that.Be serious when you are with them.As you can get along well with them,you can jump around and joke around with them.Yeah,it works on me.My junior friend is a spontaneous person,the seniors love her.I admired her.Her name is Syazana Farhana.

Do not show off your skills if you just want to brag about yourself.They love you showing your skills,teaching them how to do it and encourage them that they can do it too.

If you stay in hostel,yeah it would be stressful.How to deal with bad girls who would harass you,?Do zikr and istigfar to Allah(chanting remembrance to Allah.Ask forgiveness to Allah).There is a verse by remembering Allah you heart will get calm.

Take a good care of your money. Just becareful.

Go mingle with the girls in the hostel who already stay there for they deal with things.Ask them.

Here,you have to be energetic.So,before you come here,train yourself to work out your body to get your stamina.Drink lots of water.Its good for your tummy.It will keep you away from diarrhea.We seldom have veggies here.So you need too drink water.

I cannot resist the sweets they are selling here.I am scared of Diabetes at the same time.I drink a lot of water to watch my sugar level.I don't know this should do the trick.I sent a letter to a motivational speaker who came to speak to us last Wednesday.He said he wants to meet me because he can't answer the question without knowing my body size.Ok,I will know it as I meet him soon.I'll tell the answer as he already explained to me okay.

That's all.Hope that you can share your tips.Encourage me and us to be well.Good luck to us!