Friday, April 29, 2011

Tips as you are or before you are the student

Already make up your mind?The first or the second one?

Alright then,if you choose option number one..

You can bring your mobile phones or laptops with you.You are free go in and out from school by your car or motorbikes.You don't need to get permission from teacher to go to the mall or out from the district.You don't need to wear uniforms but you have to wear the way muslim should do.

Just like I said,option number one is usually permitted to those with age 30 years and above.They usually doubt and hesitate to allow those with the under age of  30years to take option one.Because you are free.When young people are free,they are too free to do wrong things especially when they don't use their brains.Those are the not matured ones.If you are young and you want to choose first option,I suggest you to really really take care of yourself.Don't make noise.Don't do drugs or wear anything that will make you look not that islamic.

If you bring your laptop or handphones,the consequences you will get know kids.They just love breaking rules.That's why you as a good student has to lead them.Do not follow if what they ask from you is wrong.Give them good influences.I don't want to hear you let them facebooking in your shack or call their boyfriends from your shack.If you get caught,the teacher won't trust you anymore and some other young men or young women will lose their chance to choose option number one.So is Mr Principal.He might tighten the rules.No one who is under 30's choosing option one.What a great lost!

Ok if you choose option number two..I will continued in the second update.ok to be continued...

For a mean time this to recall what are the click let's read about option number one and two

the paddy field is located just right behind the shacks of the student