Saturday, April 30, 2011

Part 2(Tips as you are or before you are the student)

So,you want to choose option number two.Wow.This is actually a brave decision.

You signed up your name.You need to pay RM450 for annual fee.Look,you just turn yourself as a student wearing school's uniform.White hijab,white baju kurung and dark green sarong.

Like this

wear it with white shoes.If you see other students wearing black shoes,they are actually school prefect or the librarians.

Ok.You are a new student.You are placed in a basic class also known as pre-class.Some new students are directly send to class year 1,year 2 or year three.That happens if you already have basics in Arabic or your previous school is religious with arabic learning.I got in Class year 1 as I signed up.That is because I already have the basic in Arabic that I learned from Arabic course for public in some college.

If you are in pre class also known as Edadi class,you have to be strong.YOU SURPRISE?!WHY DID I SAID BE STRONG?!!

Let me tell you the truth.Most of the students in Edadi are children under age of 15.You can still find some students with age of 16 ,17 or 18.We usually got surprising new students.For example we have 52 year old woman who just got in Edadi class.Her name is Hasnah and she is earger to learn Arabic and religious studies  from step one.Wow.She motivates me to study here much longer by seeing her ok mingling with the kids.If she can do it so who could I can't.She encourages me to stay.We do meet sometimes,checking up.Few days ago,surprisingly we have new student from Perak.She's actually a college student who comes to spend her five months semester holiday here.At first she was quite puzzled to be seated in class because she choose option number one.That's makes me want\ you to make a letter saying you want to choose option number here to recall the previous updates about the letter CLICK!

Being in class year 1 is quite stressful too.Yeah same situation here.Most of the students under 16 and some are trouble makers but I have my classmates who are above the age.For example Fatehah is 17,Ayu from Johor is 20,Ain from Pahang is 21,Fifi from kedah is 18.

Yo,in Edadi class,frankly speaking,the worst thing about Edadi is the students itself.Ok did I just mention about "worst".Um,I am sorry.That is actually the real fact.Not all of them are bad students some of them are really nice and melt your heart.Same thing happen to class year1 to year 5.

The worst thing is the behavior and the attitude of the students.Ok most of them who come to study here,their reasons is they were troublemaker at their school and they are here to train themselves to be good.Changing one person to be a better person is not an easy task.It takes years to train them.So,Edadi seems to be their first year at school.So,they need some time to fit in.It is stressful when the troublemakers argue with the other kids around here especially when they use foul words.I hate foul words and cursing.

How to deal with it?In my experience and observation that I have,you need to stay out from any of their arguments.When they cool of,try to make friends with them.Encourage them by saying you believe that they can be a better person.They just need to pray to god and stay out from trouble.Let's be strong.Let's do it together.We all are learning to be a better person.

They love you if you treat or talk to them like adult and matured person.They love if you make discussion and questioned them about how to improve life.That is actually their favourite topics.If you good at anything like reciting quran,english language,singing or anything,I recommend you to teach your schoolmates.They really love people who concern and teach them skills.They love you when you notice the best in them because troublemakers usually ignored by their parents,community and family.People don't trust that they can improve or change to a nice person.So,go encourage them.They can do it.

So,I recommend you to read motivational books before you come studying here.It will motivate you to be strong and positive.Then,you can also encourage people too.

Most of new students doesn't like to talk about themselves.It is not that they are being snob even though they refuse to tell where they come from,their age or else.It's because they still try to fit in.Some matters around here don't agree with them. Especially the toilet here are miserable(they are now building new toilets and bathroom because of that).But,I am sure they will tell you sooner after they find you always being nice to them.Like being concern on them.

There are more tips up will be about you in the hostel,body,mind and soul.To be continued in part 3